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Italian Championship Round 6


Future TRW Racing Team rider James Dabill maintained his stranglehold on the sixth round of Italian Trials Championship at dry and sunny Guardiagrele.

The four lap ten section course, on the west side of the country near Rome, featured loose earth bankings and large dry dusty rocks. The first and last sections were artificial and some 4 km from the Parce Ferme. James rode the course with confidence and made just two mistakes, on lap two. “ I was happy with my riding and felt confident. The win puts me further ahead in the championship series. I plan to start hard training the F.I.M. World Trial in Sweden at the end of August

Michael Brown finished second to Dibs with a strong ride that contained Matteo Grattarolo and Michelle Orizio. Jack Challoner made it a Brit victory run by winning the Youth class riding his Miton Top Team Beta. James and Michael head home for the British Experts Trial at Penrith on Saturday then the British Championship event at Pateley Bridge in August.

Results: 1 James Dabill (Future TRW Racing) 24, 2 Michael Brown (Miton Top Trial Beta) 37, 3 Matteo Grattarolo (Sherco) 55, 4 Michele Orizio (Scorpa) 58, 5 Danielle Maurino (Gas Gas) 61, 6 Fabio Lenzi (Scorpa) 63. Youth winner – Jack Challoner (Miton Top Team Beta)


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