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Italian Indoor Championship Round 1

Alexz Wigg's very first competitive outing on the Future Trial TRW 300cc Montesa he managed to put his disappointment and poor showing in Sheffield behind him and came through the heat stage in an astonishing FIRST POSITION, beating the best of Italian riders.

Although unable to score championship points in this all Italian Championship he was simply the best rider on Section 4 where everyone else fived.

In the final a misjudgement on the 3rd section meant a 5 for not making a large step, which four time Champion Lenzi got through. Despite being the only rider to clean the skips at four as all riders failed the final section Alexz in total finished 3 marks in arrears and in second place.

Said a very pleased Alexz " this result was just what I wanted first time out on the new bike. I was gutted not to win especially as after the competition I cleaned the section fived in the event. It has helped to get over the disappointment of Sheffield but most of all gives me great confidence in what might be possible on this bike".

Harold Crawford flew out for the event and was called on to catch more than once, " Harry was mega, those big hands did a great job tonight" said wiggy.

Results (including Alexz) were as follows;


Alexz's next event will be the "tough one" enduro Trial next weekend, his British Debut on the Future Trial Racing 300cc TRW machine, sponsored by Sandifords for British events.


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