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2010 SSDT Build-up


First produced in 2008, our SSDT "Pilgrimage" video has unexpectedly become an absolute favourite amongst Six Days fans throughout the world.

Every year we get loads of requests - when are you going to show that video again? We know, for one, Steve Brown, father of Michael likes to put the video on whenever he's had a crap day as it cheers him up!

It's actually available all year round on the Trials Central YouTube Channel, but the quality is pretty low. We had it on a hi-res video provider, but they disappeared. We're now pleased to say it's on Vimeo in far higher res than YouTube :)

I've lost count of the number of people who have asked about the soundtrack song and I know it came up with "Big John" Moffat and the crew from Nevis Radio in the SSDT Parc Ferme last year. It's called Winds Of Our Time By Donnie Munro from his Heart of America Album. Donnie is ex lead singer with Scottish band Runrig and his music is well worth a listen to.

If you've not seen the video, enjoy the scenery, the soundtrack and the build-up. If you've seen it before then enjoy again and if our route is your route then we'll see you there...


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