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2010 Spanish Championship

The GasGas rider Ádam Raga became the winner in the second test at the Spain Trial Outdoor Championship, which took place this weekend in Ibiza.

Ádam Raga gave an excellent and flawless performance, thus showing everybody that he is better than ever and totally recovered from his injury. “I am extremely happy about being on top again. This victory is very important to me, and now my level at the competition is the one I had before the injury.”

Ádam Raga got first (1,996 points); ahead of Toni Bou (with 1,986 points), who is still leading the overall classification, only two points away from Raga. The rider Jeroni Fajardo completed the podium.

Raga will continue competing for the title. He says: “I know having won this championship will give me enough confidence so as to face what is still left of the competition and eventually get the title.”

The next test will be held next May 16th in the town of Pobladura de las Regueras, in León. But before that, the World Championship will begin next weekend in Baiona, in Pontevedra.

Photos courtesy of Max

Before looking at the results, remember the Spanish run the openfree rules in their Championship! Results in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format:


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