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Sherco ST125R


It is Sherco’s policy to offer our customers high-quality motorcycles that will enhance their competitiveness and take into account the basic sport and also help with the development of future champions.

Aware of the important steps involved in developing the basic skills in any endeavor, Sherco has developed a race model ST125. The new Race model is based off of the very successful ST125 which is the smallest Sherco bike offered. The “R” model is designed as a high performance bike to meet the most demanding challenges incurred in high level competitions.

The ST125R shares the same chassis as the larger bore ST models and the only difference is in the engine displacement which is 125 cc’s.

The engine has been modified in order to achieve higher performance.

This racing version incorporates the Keihin carburetor which provides increased performance, the engine cylinder, the engine intake and clutch have all been modified in order to give the small engine the power to face any obstacle.

All of these changes along with the new suspension system that highlights the new R16V rear shock and the new brakes which have been developed by Sherco in recent months makes this ST125R an incredible motorcycle for the younger rider.


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