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Alex Wigg Interview

Alexz, 2008 started very well and now with the year over what’s your view now on your Championships/results/season?

Yes, my season started off very well in the World Junior Championship by winning the first two rounds. It showed that the hard work over the winter had paid off. It was fantastic to win in Ireland as I considered that as my home round this year. I didn’t seem to have the consistency as in previous years and I would say this was one of my downfalls during the season. Finishing second in the Junior Worlds was very disappointing for me as I finished in the same place in 2007 and on a 125! Winning that was my main goal this year.

I was pretty happy with the results in the European Championship as I only competed in 4 out of the 5 rounds and still managed to snatch 2nd place in the final standings with a win in the last round.

In Britain it was a very average year. Didn’t start off so great but it gradually got better towards the end. I felt in the last couple of rounds I was riding really well but once again lacked the consistency to obtain a strong result.

What were the highs and lows of the past year?

I wouldn’t say I had too many high points this year. Winning 3 World rounds were probably my best points but I was also very proud to win The Lakes 2 day. It was a tough weekend with the caliber of riders so this was a definite high point! The biggest low was picking up a knee injury at The Mitchell British Championship round in May. This would hamper me for 6 weeks before I could fit in a scan and examination. After discovering the damage, we found out that surgery would be necessary. Whilst I wouldn’t like to use this as an excuse for some poor results, I feel this did play a big part.

With both Dabill and you leaving TRW was there a reason for that?

I don’t know James’s reasons for leaving. Mine were that myself and the team had a few disagreements during the year although these weren’t the only reasons. As soon as I saw the unveiling of the new Beta in Spain I thought “I want to ride one of those”. Sure enough a couple of months later I was testing the bike and absolutely loved it. Fortunately, John Lampkin and TTT came forward with a good deal and I was more than happy to sign.

What was it like being in the TRW team?

It was a great experience. I have learnt a great deal from this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had some good laughs with the whole team especially Dibs, Jack and my minder Harry. It was fantastic being able to practice abroad over the winter also. The food and practice areas were always mega as well!

In the UK you were supported by Sandifords, were you happy with them?

Yes very. They were very good to me this year and I had no end of support from them. They made me feel very welcome and lived up to every promise. I’ll be sad to leave them but I think the move to Beta was too good an opportunity to miss.

What do you think of the Beta?

It’s very exciting to be joining Beta at a time coinciding with the launch of the new generation Evo machine. The new bike is very well thought out and straight from the box should suit riders of all abilities. Beta have worked hard on the overall weight and stability aspects of the “Evo” with a few new innovations in the engine department. I can’t wait to get on it!

Many thought that you would go back to Gas Gas, was this ever an option?

For 2009 I decided that the main thing to help my progress on the world scene was to evaluate all the machines on offer and try to negotiate a deal to ride the bike I liked the best.

What will the set up be for you at Beta in 2009?

Whilst riding in the UK I will be flying the flag for John Lampkin and Beta on a special machine prepared by TTT. Whilst in the World and European Championships, I am receiving some help from TTT. Once again we will be travelling by road but at the events we will be working under the TTT awning with support from Ricardo, Daniella and Michele.

Your minder changed at the beginning of 2008, has this worked out?

It was sad to break my relationship with Stuart Robinson but as I was developing as a rider the time came where I needed a more full time minder, and obviously he has a young family to look after so this kind of commitment would have been difficult for him. Harry is the perfect bloke! I can’t fault him this year. He has been very committed to me and put in a terrific amount of time and effort. He is very experienced but still has the desire to win so I have to be very careful at events like The Scott that he doesn’t put me to shame. Oh, and with hands that big he’s never going to miss a catch is he?!

Will Harold be there in 09?

Thankfully yes! Well, as long as Audrey lets him out to play!

What’s the WTC looking like for next year? Any particular rounds you like?

The WTC looks like it should be once again, a fantastic series. I’m looking forward to all the rounds but in particular the UK World round in Carlisle and Northern Ireland. I consider these my home events and it always gives me an extra boost to ride in front of a home crowd. Let’s just hope I can do the Business! I think it’s great that we have got a World round back on the mainland. We’re such a strong trials nation and to not have one in the World Championship is a real shame!

Will you be doing the European Championship again?

Yes I will. They are always good events with great atmosphere and very competitive. It’s a shame that it seems to have lost its high profile in the last couple of years but for me it’s still a very important championship.

British Championships, any comment on this year or last?

I was fairly content with the British Championship result last year(08) as it was my first year and I was still swapping between, so 4th was a good result. However I’ve been pretty disappointed with the results this year. I didn’t improve on my championship position so that wasn’t too good. I felt like near the end of the season I was riding really well, but I couldn’t find the consistency in my performance.

What are your aims for 2009?

My aims for 2009 are to win the World Junior Championship, the UEM European Championship and put up a bit of a fight in the British series as well. I haven’t really performed at my best on the BTC top route yet and it would, obviously, be nice to do so.

Do you have any sponsors for next year?

Cammack, Normandale, Case, Andrews Building Company, Potters of Barnsley, Michelin, Jitsie, Diadora, Talon, Renthal, Pro Clean, Putoline, Acerbis UK and Copley.

Any other news/info/details/Thanks?

Thank you to anyone who has helped in '08 and I wish all trials clubs, organizers, supporters and riders an enjoyable 2009.


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