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Rider News

Young Spaniard Martín Hermelo latest to join ranks

Young spaniard latest signing

Euro and German Championships on new TR125i

The master doing what he does best

Norwegian joins “Looking for new champions” programme.

Onwards and upwards for Ladies World No. 2

Scarborough lad to join indoor battle

Two year deal for Ladies World No. 2

Moving on to new challenges

New contract for Spaniard

Achievement award for former world champ

Italian deal for Suffolk teenager

New clothing deal for World No. 2

No surprises as former world champ remains with Girona marque

2013 switch for upcoming youngster

Three year contract for young Spaniard

Mecatecno Factory support for Yeadon youngster

Further two years with Italian Marque for reigning British Champion

Sprockets and bars in MRP deal

Onwards and upwards for youngster

Appleyard's support for show rider

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