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Westmorland Motor Club


Darren Brice wins Hard Course from Joel Gowan, Green sees James Walker win on most cleans from Tom Swindlehurst, on the Easy David Braithwaite wins on most cleans also from Schoolboy James Postlethwaite, a great trial in lovely weather.....


Summer arrived and we all enjoyed a geat trial, hope you all found the venue ok, know some ended up at Longsleddale then came down to us at Lindale,(thank you) for what turned out to be a fantastic trial, 15 sections and all observed made for yet another brilliant Westmorland trial.


Many thanks to the lads who set out yesterday afternoon, Gary Kitching, Ian Oldcorn, Oran Speakman, Andrew Bingley and to keep them in order Kim Brown.... oh and to hold the swear box for Ian.... and to also keep him safe from frogs! (soft ***t)


Thanks very much to all our observers, always great to get a full set, even more so when you havent made a phone call to any of them.... and they just turn up! Many many thanks to John Twigge for allowing us to come at short notice to Lindale, we couldnt use Longsleddale as there had been too much damage due to heavy rain and they certainly didnt need us to add to the problem. Nice though when you can drop back onto your own land at short notice and put on a great trial. Hard to believe the difference between first and last on the green and easy courses, but i know there was nothing big and scary, just Westmorland theme sections, that if you dont think.... you drop lots of marks!


Well were in the middle of our busiest part of the year now, next up is the Westmorland County Show at Crooklands, the club have a stand and if you wish to help man it, please get in touch, if your going to the show, feel free to drop by for a drink and some snacks. After the show our next event is the Triple D Motosports Sporty Boys Trial, this is a pre enter adult only Centre Championship Trial. The trial starts at Low Borrowdale just outside the village of Tebay, the normal three courses and prob 3 long laps of 15 sections, but not that long you will need fuel part way round. This is always a brilliant trial, its also our last for the year.... so dont miss out!


Thanks again to all who helped today in any way, we are planning to run some Saturday afternoon beginners trials soon, so just keep an eye on here or the club website.


Have a great week, thanks for supporting us and see you all soon, Browny

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