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White Rose Trial


A beautiful day greeted the riders at Cam Head , no cancellations in sight for the fifty first running of the White Rose trial. The three super stars at the head of the results managed to avoid any fives and Ian Austermuhle went as far as section 21 before parting with a dab. The route started with a run down the Bridleway, by kind permission of the National Park, to the Ingleton to Hawes road where our riders had to watch out for some pretty fast road bikes. On to Widdale moor for the first group of sections, then past the red squirrels to Snaizholme where 87 year old Renee Smith was observing the first section which carried her name. How does she do it? Conditions were so good that the riders didn't appear to be getting dirty, and they generally seemed to be running on time. No rider cleaned the top section of Troutbeck although Tom Hick was the only one to have a failure. Mick Shorrock was the observer here and he doesn't take any prisoners! From here it was only six more sections to the finish where most riders expressed it to be a good event.

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