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North British Bike Championship Awards Presentation

The Awards Presentation for the 2016 North British Bike Championship will take place at this weekend's Classic Dirt Bike Show on Saturday 18th February at 1.25 pm on the Main Stage.

Awards for riders that have completed all rounds:

S Rayner, S Cordon, E Atkinson, D Pickering, M Dorricott, A Brown, J Gornall, C Haigh,

J Hamblin, K Witting, M Batty, A Scott, J Palmer, M Sanderson, J Wilson, A Cooke, B Baker,

R Goodwin, N Anderton, P Cotterell.

The following Sponsors Prizes based on riders draw for riders that have completed all rounds:


A Brown, A Scott, J Wilson, E Atkinson, N Anderton, M Dorricott, J Hamblin


Villiers Services:  

Villiers Rider Expert – M Batty  

Villiers Rider Clubman – K Rivington


Trials UK:  

Yorkshire Big Bike Expert – C Haigh  

Yorkshire Big Bike Clubman – S Rayner


Alan Whitton Race Engineering:   

Expert (Joint) – J Gornall, A Scott

Clubman – A Cooke

(Awards based on winner of the final round Expert & Clubman route)


We look forward to seeing as many as possible of the award winners for our presentation. NBBC will have a stand at the show and the coordinators will be on hand to help with any questions or information.

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