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World Indoor News

Heading for a showdown with Albert Cabestany at closing round this weekend

No better place for Italian bike

Motors TV schedule for round 4 of 2014 Series

Sharp section hits hopes for Gas Gas rider

Report from Milan X-Trial

On top form as just a single mark dropped

Bou could make it 8 Indoor titles in Italy

Currently second in Championship standings

Oviedo will now play host to series finale

20 Minutes of Catalan World Trial

Beta Racing Report from X-Trial Round 3

FIM Video shows how it works

Motors TV showings for Round 3 of X-Trial

Gas Gas Motos X-Trial Report

Repsol Montesa HRC Trial Team Report

Dominates Barcelona Indoor Event

Stage set for X-Trial Round 3

X-Trial Round 3 Event Preview

Crowd-pleaser continues fight with knee injury

20 minutes of HD highlights from Marseille

Motors TV schedule for 2nd round of 2014 seriesmotors tv sub headline

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