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2012 ACU British Trials Championship Round 6

gasgas logoYesterday was the final British Trials Championship round for the Adult men organised by the East South Wales Centre near Newport. Considering the rules I think the club did a good job with the trial which rode well. I am not going to comment on the BTC rules argument in this Press Release.


It was a tense day because the Championship was not decided. The title was to go to either James Dabill (Beta) or Michael Brown (GG). Whoever who the event, won the championship.


This year’s controversial no-stop championship has ended in controversy because Michael was given a 5 mark penalty by the Clerk of the Course who over-ruled the observer’s decision which apparently he can.


There are various reasons why the rider is deemed to ‘fail’ a section. The last reason as quoted from the ACU handbook is “a person having an interest in a riders performance, who in any way alters the section without the authority of an official.”


Let me explain; The section in question was section 10 on the first lap which Michael cleaned with ease. He was later given a 5 mark penalty for a ‘person’ altering the section. The person in question was myself who is nothing more than a spectator at BTC rounds. Yes I have an interest in Michael’s performance as I do all my riders.


Yes I (stupidly) ‘entered’ the section but I did NOT ‘alter’ it seeing the Clerk of the Course sat on the bank. He noticed me in the section and told me to get out which I did. The main witness apart from the COC was James Dabill who ‘maybe’ influenced the COC decision after complaining to him shortly after. Ive always thought that to complain about another riders performance is out of order, question your own performance by all means… but that’s only my opinion.


It’s also strange to me why at the meeting after the event the actual observer stated that he saw me ‘enter’ the section but did not ‘alter’ it. He was adamant that the clean he gave to Michael stood. If the COC can over rule an observer, its shame that he didn’t help with the incorrect observing on section 3 which I saw many riders stung for stops.


So unofficially Michael won the event on 3 marks lost with Dabill second on 5 thus making MICHAEL BROWN the ‘unofficial’ (and in my eyes) 2012 British Trials Champion’.


The decision by the COC was in my opinion a harsh one considering it has decided who is the 2012 British Trials Champion. Michael and the Team are understandably gutted and I have apologized to Michael for his penalty.


Michael quotes;

Obviously both myself and all the team are gutted to lose the British Championship by in my opinion a very poor decision by the Clerk of the Course. This has overshadowed what turned out to be a great battle between myself and James today. On a positive note i have ridden well today so that i am happy with. I would like to thank Shaughan, Shirty, Factory Kev, Luke and all the team for their support during this year’s championship. 


The rest of the JSTGGUK Team had mixed results;

Sam Haslam ----- 5th (6th in Championship).

Alexz Wigg ------- 7th (4th in Championship)

Ricky Wiggins --11th (15th Championship)

Dan Thorpe -----13th (9th in Championship)




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