Manchester 17 MCC Ltd Dead Easy Trial

manchester17Bank Holiday Monday saw the latest Dead Easy Trial run by the busy Manchester 17 MCC. Despite the weather, seventy solo riders and four sidecars turned up to tackle the usual format of four laps of tens sections at picturesque Wheston House Farm, Peak Forest.


The course was confined to a smaller area than normal due to the unavailability of the usual limestone rakes which provide an excellent variety of sections for this type of trial. Nevertheless the section plotters made the most of what was available laying out some testing twists and turns on grassy bankings with the odd rock or broken down wall to provide a bit of spice.


It had rained continually the previous day and again in the morning when the sections were being put in. Although it stopped for most of the trial, the blustery and cool conditions together with the wet ground, made concentration vital otherwise marks would easily be lost.


Although there were seven clean rides on the Harder route, this by no means tells the whole story. A glance down the results shows some good riders losing quite a few marks, with higher scores by less experienced riders.


On the Easy Route, just David Pickering and Tony Hitchinson went clean but there was a much closer spread of marks on this route.


Good to see regular supporters veteran riders Clive Tomkinson and Maurice Brayford make long journeys on their interesting DMW and DOT bikes to ride. Pat Trafford was cruising round on Scott Ellis’ restored immaculate Bultaco which sounded superb. Don’t think Scott would think much of the mud on it though!


The sidecar gang rode round together and as ever seemed to be having a great time with much merry banter! Top dog this time was Carl Baker with Wayne Kershaw in the chair. Anybody out there with an outfit in the shed, dust it down and come along. Good time guaranteed.


Thanks very much for all who supported or helped run the event, and special thanks to the Observers for sticking to your posts in less than ideal conditions.


REPORT: Roger Townsend


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