Manchester 17 MCC Ltd Dead Easy Trial

manchester17The running of the latest Dead Easy Trial by Manchester 17 MCC was in doubt right up until the last minute. Two days of atrocious weather prior to the event plus a road closure contrived to give the organisers massive headaches. A late fitness test of the car park early on the day passed muster and the trial was underway.

This location and terrain lends itself to what club trials were like back in the 1960’s, with greasy banks and climbs, a few rocks and mud, a bit more of the latter due to the rain.

The weather had clearly made some people think twice as a smaller entry than normal of fifty three solos and three sidecars set off to attempt four laps of ten sections in another scenic part of the Peak District that the Club are blessed with having the permission to use.

On the harder route there were just two clean rides, Adam Wormald making his lengthy journey from Newark worthwhile, and youngster Callum Hedison, who had travelled all the way from Scunthorpe. Regular supporter Peter Austin proved the old adage that setting out the sections is no advantage as he cast a few marks away but some to be fair were due

Section nine down in the quarry, looked a challenge, being a couple of turns on banks before a route onto a nest of rocks with a step to contend with. Observed by “Factory Kev” Hipwell, it actually didn’t take many marks from the experienced riders but took a few further down the field.

On the Easy route, six riders went clean, a good achievement in the slippery conditions. Local rider Chris Bush in only his second trial rode really well to achieve this feat. Another first timer, Dan Gregory had a great ride, losing only three marks. Keep this up and he will be challenging Dad Nick on the Hard route before long!

Proving that the sidecar fraternity are a close bunch, all three outfits contrived to lose five marks each, albeit on different sections!

With most riders away home by five o’clock, having enjoyed a good afternoon’s sport, big thanks to all who helped organise the trial, the riders for their support, and the Observers without whom it is not possible to run an event.

The final Dead Easy of the year is in two weeks time.

REPORT: Roger Townsend

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