Perth and District Motor Club Balmuick National Trial

  Sunday 17 June 2018

Balmuick National Trial on 17th of June 2018 at Balmuick, Comrie by Crieff. Open to Adult A,B and Youth A,B riders, over a 5 mile route approx. Regs and application form attached. Entries to be returned by 13th June. Entries can be made by post, email or phone by that date. Trial will be route marked from Comrie and Crieff - take care with satnav, it doesn’t always take you to the right place! Contact Secretary Jean Paterson for any extra details or questions. Please try to bring/ find an observer - free entry if you do. 

Contact  Jean Paterson
Location  Balmuick Farm Comrie
Links to any Regs/Entry Forms relating to this event will appear below
Balmuick National 17th June2018.pdf