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UK Trials

Stafford Auto Trial 26th May 2024

Results from Milwich

Midland Classic Trial 03.03.24

Results from Clifton

Oxford Ixion Harold Avery Cup 03.03.24

Results from Howe Wood

Oxford Ixion MC 2nd Round Club Champs 2024

Results from Folly Farm, Beckley

Midland Classic Trial 04.02.24

Results from Berrycliffe

South Shields & DMC Trial 07.01.24

Results from Shield Close, Westgate, Weardale.

Stafford Auto Club Trial 26.12.23


Oxford Ixion MCC Trial 11.11.23

Norton Trophy Trial Results and Report

Midland Classic Trial 05.11.23

Results from Stathams Farm Quarry

Stafford Auto Trial 15.10.23

Results from Manor Farm


Oxford Ixion MCC James Cup Trial 08.10.23

 Results / Report from Beckley

Banovallum Mcc Trial 08.10.23

Results from Smiths Farm, Withcall.

South Shields & DMC Trial 08.10.23

Results from Rookhope

Midland Classic Trial 01.10.23

Results from Sacheveral

Tweed Valley MCC Trial 01.10.23

Results from West Hall Farm, Belford.

Hull Auto Trial 10.09.23

 Results from Piethorn Farm, Helmsley

Oxford Ixion Ivan Davis Cup Trial 2023

Results and report

Banovallum Mcc Trial 10.09.23

Results from Dunston Quarry

Midland Classic Trial 03.09.23

Results from Thorntree

Travers Trophy Trial 2023

Final instructions

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