Oxford Ixion Club Championship Round 3

oxford ixion mccThe heavy overnight rain and cold winds had ceased and so the the sun shone once again on the righteous for Oxford's Good Friday Trial at Steeple Hill Folly Farm Beckley. This was the venue for Ixions 3rd club champs where a good entry of 50 plus riders set off to tackle 10 sections four times with a mix of mud roots climbs ditches and rocks that sorted an outright winner in each class.

On the hard route Expert Guy Kenyon-Bell dropped 16 marks his 300 Gasser having ample power to burn a path through section eight firstly hopping over a low branch before dropping into a ditch next a very tricky cambered turn then a blast across a bog.

Best Youth A Brett Harbud posted the lowest score on the harder route losing 14 Brett was good on section ten a sixty yard natural stream gully full of roots that remained submerged throughout proceedings.


Ryan Tomkins was best Intermediate on 42 marks lost with four quality cleans on section one a very steep sandy drop before climbing up though several tree chicanes then a sharp turn to the ends.

Dean Basford 250 Beta aced the middle Yellow route taking best Clubman on 8 lost. Section nine was tough a water splash to a polished-up camber then a fast flowing stream with rocks after which a heavily rooted turn had to be navigated. Basford had a steadying prod first lap then three excellent cleans.

Alan Taylor had a good day to take runner-up on 14 the aging TY 250 steed having no problem with the going which you could call a leveler.

Phil Ducker Beta 250 took third spot on 17, section three 'Axfords Hill' catching him out for a three last lap after getting hooked up on a bramble but prior to this inch perfect.

Alex Muirhead TRS 300 over from the Western Centre was best Inter 19 his tally for the day.

Alex making the newly cut sudden steep ascent of section three look easy.

On the White eased course Justin Cookson served up a treat of a ride dabbing only once at sub nine on his final visit.

Steve 'Rambo' McHugh had 300 4RT power to ensure the long slick climbs of section 2 were no problem for second spot the big four stroke could heard echoing through the woods from afar.

Tim Roblett lost 10 for third place with four perfect rides on the long blast of section 5 from the lower field where the start was starting to deteriorate after much wheel-spin to gain momentum.

Many thanks to all the observers.


Report Ken O'Brien



Expert Guy Kenyon-Bell 300 Gasser 16
Sean McCullagh TRS 300 24

Youth A Brett Harbub 125 Beta 14

Yellow Course

Clubman Dean Basford Beta 250 8
Alan Taylor TY 250R 14
Philip Ducker 250 Beta 17
Adrian Steele 250 Beta 25

Inter Alex Muirhead TRS 300 19

Novice Sam Wilson Scorpa 57

White easy route

Justin Cookson Beta 250 1
Steve 'Rambo' McHugh 300 4RT 3
Tim Roblett 250 Beta 10