Yorks Classic Championship Trial 6th Round

yorkshire classic mccLumb Waterfall near Cowling was the venue for Yorkshire Classic’s 6th Championship trial and Clerks of Course, Dale Harrison and Andrew Scott had made good use of the rock-filled stream running along the valley with 7 sections taking marks from all the 40 riders taking part except eventual winner, John Maxfield.


On the eased Clubman course, winner Steve Thomas lost his only mark on the difficult Section 4.




Premier route


Class D – All Cubs

Tony Dillon 20.


Class F- 2 strokes

John Maxfield (Bantam) 3, Andrew Scott (Bantam) 5, Nick Jefferies (Bantam) 8, Mick Grant (Bantam) 17.


Class S – Specials

Ian Myers (Cub) 7.


Clubman Route


Class H - Vintage 2 strokes

Eric Atkinson (James) 71.


Class K – open Clubman

Steve Thomas (Bantam) 1, Malcolm Bell (Cub) 5, Phil Clarkson (Cub) 5, Dave Brogden (Bantam) 7, Bob Baker (Cub) 10.


Class T – Pre-unit springer

Dale Harrison (Ariel) 10, Paul Jackson (Velo) 17, Geoff Walker (Ariel) 18.


Class K/Sp – Clubmen Specials

Max Clift (C15 BSA) 11.