Isle of Wight MCC Nigel Crouch Memorial Trial

isle of wight newThe Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club held a Special Trial on Sunday 19th of August, in memory of Nigel Crouch, who sadly passed away in January. The emphasis was on staging a fun social type event rather than one of a competitive nature, the trial was very well attended and all forty-one riders took this onboard – and a great day was had by all. The trial was followed by a free BBQ and a chance to socialise where many stories were told as people shared their memories of Nigel and some of the antics he used to get up to!

We would like to say a special thank you to Ann Gustar & all her Family and Friends for allowing us to stage the event in the copse at Bouldnor and for preparing, cooking & serving the food & drinks – superb hospitality by fantastic hosts!  Thanks once again to all the guys that helped to clear the way and set out the eight section lap. The instructions were to ease the severity of the sections to aid the ‘non-competitive’ element and overall, a brilliant job was done – although this was somewhat lost on the last two sections. I can assure you that no expense will be spared when we book those responsible on a refresher course of instruction on the meaning of ‘easy’. Personally I blame the rain earlier in the morning! Very many thanks to the Observers, particularly Darren Taylor on section seven who definitely had to work hard to keep things moving there and of course to all those who helped clear up after the trial – very much appreciated. Viki Taylor also had to work hard with the camera. Viki found herself in a never ending battle against the constantly changing light conditions but still produced a great set of pictures - top effort Viki.

The Nigel Mason Crouch ‘Bighobbler Trial’ will become an annual event and although the focus is not on competition there are a couple of stunning Awards that have been sponsored by two of Nigel’s close friends, Dave Rose and Joe Henderson. A stunning Silver Plated Cup called the NMC Memorial Trophy from Dave and something a bit different all the way from Australia, Joe Henderson’s ‘True Spirit’ Award - which certainly attracted plenty of attention and proved to be a talking point, not just at the trial though. It was held in quarantine for ten days by HM Revenue & Customs – while they were trying to work out what it was and if it was likely to explode or not!

Now these Awards are not necessarily determined by the results alone. It was decided to present the True Spirit award to first time rider Joe Moore. This was Joe’s first ever trial and he enjoyed himself so much he fully intends to become a regular rider. Nigel was well known for inspiring and encouraging younger riders and that legacy clearly continues to have an influence.  The NMC Memorial Trophy has been awarded to Shaun Harris. Despite injuring his leg during a training session, he managed to force his boot over the swelling, taking part regardless of the pain. Shaun went on to complete the trial and finished fourth in the Inters. Very many congratulations to both riders.

The Club next meet on Sunday September 2nd with the resumption of the main Winter Series Championship. Please keep an eye on the Club website where you will find all the details once they have been finalised.


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