Trials Central Gets A Makeover

It's one of those jobs that's been needing done for too long, but we're pleased to launch our new front end to Trials Central, now responsive to mobile devices. This means both the front page and any site content will automatically adjust to the size of screen in use, making the site easier to navigate and easier to read.

Note that there is still work to be done, but that can all be done with the site live. The Calendar events layout needs reworking and there are a number of minor cosmetic changes, but it has been tested on a variety of different browsers and devices/screen sizes. Browser caching may initially cause problems with how the site is displayed so, if affected, please clear your browser cache and then, if still having problems, please contact us.

Clubs - due to the nature of the work involved, to avoid lengthy offline periods of the main site, the work was carried out on a copy of the site. All news articles and results have been carried over, but calendar events added in the past week have not. The issue with calendar event locations has now been fixed. An issue remains outstanding regarding adding attachments to news articles (i.e. results). Please use the Submit News form on the login page and attach the file  until this is resolved.