2012 UEM European Championship Round 1

The first round of the 2012 UEM European Trial Championship took place on Sunday 8th April at Varallo Sesia in the North West of Italy. Runner-up in the last two UEM championships, it was Italian Matteo Grattarola - Gas Gas who was to take victory in the main European Championship class. Young French rider Steven Coquelin - Gas Gas was to prevail in the Junior Championship class with Ex-World Champion, Finn Tommi Ahvala – Gas Gas showing he still has the ability by taking victory in the Over 40’s Championship. Interestingly, none of those who ultimately won their respective classes were leading at the half way mark in the competition, but impressive performances in the second half of the competition was to decide the eventual winners.

In the European Championship Class it was Italian, Matteo Poli - Ossa who was on top at the end of the opening lap, having dropped thirteen points. Two points adrift of Poli was French Cedric Tempier, Sherco, whilst eventual winner Grattarola found himself in third place having dropped sixteen points. Despite scoring a five in the fifth section of the second lap due to stalling his bike Grattarola recorded the best score of the second lap, dropping twelve points and ensuring himself of the first win of the season. Daniele Maurino – Ossa improved his score on the second lap to climb from an initial fourth place to second whilst Matteo Poli’s poor twenty six point score put him out of contention allowing Tempier to take the remaining podium place.

In the Junior class, Italian Francesco Cabrini - Beta recorded the best first lap score of four points with Coquelin and Spaniard Quentin Carles de Caudemberg,- Beta were both just behind with on seven points. However, it was Coquelin who was to up the ante in his second lap, dropping just three points, a performance neither Cabrini nor Caudemberg had any answer to

Tommi Ahvala may have been World Champion back in 1992 and dropped just a single point in his opening lap in the Over-40’s class, but going one better was Italian Valter Feltrinelli - Beta, who rode the first half of the competition clean. His moment of glory wasn’t to last though as he dropped 4 points in the second half of the event to Ahvala’s second lap score of two allowing the Finn to take top podium place.

The second round will be held at Santo Stefano d’Aveto on 7th of July.


Full results from this event are available for download in PDF format:

2012 UEM European Trial Championship Round 1 - Championship Class Results.pdf
2012 UEM European Trial Championship Round 1 - International Class Results.pdf
2012 UEM European Trial Championship Round 1 - Junior Cup Results.pdf
2012 UEM European Trial Championship Round 1 - Over 40 Class Results.pdf