2012 French Championship Round 2

The second round of the French Trials Championship was held this past weekend in Loc Eguiner Ploudiry. Alexandre Ferrer demonstrated why he did so well in the last indoor event. On a very physical, difficult course the Sherco rider reaped the results of the hard work that he put in during the off season, working with his minder, Guillaume Laniel.

Alexandre now has two race victories which has allowed him to take the overall lead in the French Championship.

Alexandre Ferrer : “It’s obviously a great success tonight because I was able to win the first two rounds of a Championship event in France. I want to thank the whole team and especially Sherco who put me in the best position to win. I want to especially thank my minder Guillaume Laniel for his involvement, his professionalism and the way he motivates me to win.”

Cedric Tempier also had a good performance in the Expert class.
He finished fifth, expect for a small mistake in the second lap he would have made the podium. A good performance for this new expert is a guarantee of big hopes for the future.

Benoit Bincaz was the best young rider in (Hope 1) and won this event, the result of this victory moves him into second place in the overall ranking, a result of the effort he put in this winter in the Sherco Academy. In (Hope 2) Pierre Sauvage moved into second place. To further add to the great results obtained by the Sherco Academy riders Maxime Varin won in (Hope 3) and Valentin Rossi placed third. The final victory of the day went to Laurie Ehrhart in the Womans class. Sherco has bet on youth riders and the results are exciting.

Didier Valade (Team Manager): “This was an exceptional day, and it was also an exceptional weekend, this championship event began with a very friendly team lunch and ended up with excellent results in all categories, including the two victories by Alexander Ferrer who rode extremely well and has shown that he is riding well enough to win the title this year. But even beyond the results obtained by Alexander, I want to acknowledge the excellent results obtained by the whole team, especially the great atmosphere between all of the team members, this is good news for the rest of the season.”