Italian Championship Round Three

Challoner conquering a big section!Last weekend the third round of the Italian outdoor championship took place in the small town of Darfo Boario Terme. Expectations for Tr1al/Top Trial Team rider Jack Challoner were pretty high especially after his recent two-win streak in the Italian championship. Challoner was leading the trial until he suffered a brutal crash in section eight on the second lap, leaving him with a badly bruised ankle. Despite the pain, Challoner made the brave decision to continue and he battled through the pain to finish in second place and maintain his lead in the championship!

Challoner's reaction about the trial: "This trial was the most difficult one so far this season. I started off pretty good with a seven point lead after the first lap. Feeling confident I carried on riding strong going into the second lap...until section eight! It was a massive step which I had cleaned on the first lap but I just hit it all wrong the second time around which resulted in a big crash! I thought I had broken my ankle but could just about move it so the doctor said it wasn't likely to be broken. Therefore I decided to continue but had to ask for fives on sections 12 and 13. I tried section 14 but fived that one as well. On the last section next to the paddock, I knew I had to clean it to finish second. Fortunately I managed to block out the pain and get the job done!"

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