Thumbs Down For Putting That Wrong, Right

It’s good to see that last week’s column has attracted a significant number of hits – recent weeks there have not been that many folks logging onto this column, which goes to show that it’s the scandal you want to read rather than anything else.

However, referring to the “Wren Affair” which took up the bulk of last week’s news, I can report that absolutely nothing has happened. Mick is not up for re-election as he was unable to send his forms in on time, and even Caroline Sandiford’s involvement with the ACU (as reported in TMX by a letter from her) has met with a stone-walled response. I would love to have been a fly on the wall in her office listening in to that conversation.

Caz is well known for speaking her mind and whilst that does not always go down well, she knows what’s right and what’s wrong and in the case of Mick Wren, she has very firmly sided with the Cumbrian Trials Committee man as has just about everybody else who has voiced an opinion.

What I don’t like is to hear nothing from the ACU. Rightly or wrongly I get the impression that senior management at the ACU do not want to learn what the sproggers at club root level have to say.

In fact, whilst the ACU structure is cast in stone and has been for decades, it does not seem to have a vehicle for listening to the people. The Wren Affair is a case in point. We can all see that there has been – in our opinion – a miscarriage of natural procedure, but ACU Management do not see it that way, and judging by the total lack of response, have no intention of even considering putting it to rights.

The press has done their bit and has failed miserably, so presumably now the problem is closed down.

I see from the list of entries and numbers published by the Richmond Club of riders in the upcoming Scott Trial, that British Superbike racers Leon Haslam and Leon Camier have entered, along with Leon’s dad, the famous Rocket Ron Haslam.

Speaking with Martin Rathmell recently, he tells me that as young fans of bike sport generally, they are eager to have a go in the Scott Trial. As I understand it, the Haslams have Gassers, while Camier has a Sherco, but as Leon Haslam rides for HM Plant Honda, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he and his dad are expected to ride a Honda in the trial.

So as Leon Camier rides an Airwaves Ducati, does that mean he has to ride a Ducati in the trial!!?

I went to Croft two weeks ago to see the British Superbike round and it was Camier who won race one and Haslam who won race two, both proved that they are REAL racers, so it’s good to see the most recent winners of this prestigious series giving it a go in the Scott.

I don’t think any of the three have any real chance of finishing the trial, but if they get off the Grouse Moor and do a few more sections through Black Hills, maybe to Punchard (assuming the trial travels in that direction), then they will have done well.

Either way, what with Dougie going for his third consecutive win, Fujigas experiencing his first Scott, Jarvis hoping to score his eighth win and his first since 2005 together with Wayne Braybrook trying for a second victory and Michael Brown and James Dabill going for their first win, makes for a fascinating Saturday of trial spectating.

If you are planning to watch the trial, and several thousand will be out that day (October 18), if you have a road legal machine, then it makes sense to take that, because for sure, watching the trial by car severely limits what you can see.

And finally, as the final British Championship round takes place next weekend with the title genuinely on a knife edge between Browny and Grimbo with Sean in with an outside chance, Skyrakes seems to be the place to be next Sunday.

Just seen on this website that Becky, Maria and Donna have lost their Women’s Trial des Nations title. A bit of a shock really, but having watched them last year in the Isle of Man where they impressed me massively, I know they will have done their best and Team GB will be out in force next year to reclaim it back.