Make Way For Dynamic Trials!

Circumstances usually exist to prevent this column from announcing hot news from the trials world, but if what I hear is true, World Championship trials next year will be given a new title.

Look out, Dynamic Trials, is about to arrive. And guess what, the new name heralds a new change to the rulings, in Dynamic Trials, forward motion must be maintained at all times.

No sniggering at the back there please. This is not a return to no-stop, this is Dynamic Trials in which forward motion must be maintained at all times. It’s not no-stop – that’s for the old geezers on old bikes in classic trials and selected clubs in the Yorkshire Centre - get that into your head, so in future, in any event in which maintaining forward motion is the rule, you’ll be riding Dynamic Trials.

I’m not sure that this is ready to be announced, but what the heck, it’s the hot rumour from Spain this past weekend, and certainly follows the thread that has been developing over the past few weeks. Obviously, when the time is right, the formal announcement will be made, but until that happens, remember, you read it here first – Dynamic Trials – the format that demands forward motion at all times.

Looking at the results of the World Championship round from Spain, the first comment must be big congratulations to Jonathan Richardson on his Youth World Championship, matching Alexz Wigg’s Junior Championship secured earlier in the year. And Wiggy has moved into the main championship for the final two rounds and must be happy with his tenth place finish, while Jonathan also moved up a class to snatch a couple of points in the Junior class which he’ll be contesting in the future.

Dougie Lampkin was anything but fit to ride, his broken wrist is mended as I understand it, but the tendons and ligaments are by no means right and it was only with pain killing injections that he was able to ride. Eleventh was not a position that was reflective of his ability of course, but he proves, if nothing else, that you can’t keep a good man down and the determination to be there, and doing his best when nobody would have been critical if he had stayed away, is testament to the guy’s enthusiasm for the sport.

As you will have seen, this column has a new sponsor after Beta UK have backed my words for the past eighteen months, so thanks to John Lampkin and his crew, and thanks to the promoters of the UK World Trial in 2010 for taking on the sponsorship for the foreseeable future.

I started this column this week with a tongue in cheek referral to Dynamic Trials – all perfectly true and if it happens, I’m led to believe that’s what it will be called. Of course, it’s no-stop as we all know it, and if you look back just a few weeks, the furore that has taken over this site for the past six weeks was started following this column back at the beginning of August, entitled The Niggle That Won’t Go Away and which was followed a week later by The Lakes Goes No-Stop. I don’t know if you noticed, but the forum that was started following those two columns has so far totalled 270 postings and over 9000 readings. Is this the biggest ever use of a forum by this site since it started and if so, I’m glad I started it?

A bit of friction makes it all so worth while!!