A Week Of Bits

Whilst the indoor series isn’t the most entertaining of TV programmes, the news that the outdoor championship will be televised on a regular basis through the year, I see as good news as they are definitely more interesting.

Whilst I’m aware that the series was shown in 2009, I rather hope that in 2010 scheduling hours will be at times when the majority of us can watch – i.e. early to late evening as I don’t recall seeing much of last year’s series.

And of course there is a much greater variety of sections in use. Some will be indoor sections constructed outdoors, but some will be proper outdoor sections and as we know, they definitely provide for a greater variety of action. So it’s something to look forward to.

The trial in Scotland at the Nevis Range is also something to look forward to and I’m hoping that it proves to be one of the best trials of the series. With Martin Lampkin setting out the sections it will definitely be aimed at natural hazards rather than manufactured sections and whilst the natural sections will have to be pegged to a difficult degree, I still think they’ll be very interesting to watch. Tickets for the trial have been on sale for a long time now, but even so, get them organised soon as time is marching on. June will be here before you know it.

And so will the Scottish itself. The SSDT is always a great trial to attend, though we’ll all be very grateful if the weather is a significant improvement on last year which was one of the wettest in living memory. If we can have 2008’s weather, that’ll do nicely thanks.

I see from another website that trials riders totally dominated the Tough One at Nant Mawr Quarry on Saturday where David Knight, back on KTM after frustrating times with BMW and Kawasaki, totally dominated the event, lapping the entire field up to second place. Former British Expert Champion Tom Sagar (as was Knighter) was second overall and Dougie Lampkin was third overall while Dougie won the big money boulder dash.

At today’s trial (which was cancelled 45 minutes before the start due to an unexpected heavy snowfall), I was asked if I had gone to Saturday’s Tough One. The spectator entry fee was £125 per car, so you can assume my answer to the question.

Very few cars can accommodate more than five persons, so you have to consider whether paying £25 to stand in a chalky, muddy quarry to watch a two hour race is value for money. Again, make your own judgement, but for the same amount I can go to a well-maintained permanent circuit and watch up to eight races through a British Superbike meeting. Again, road racing may not be your thing, but the financial comparison is relevant as far as I’m concerned.

I meant to make comment last week about the ISDT/E riders and supporters reunion that was held on the Saturday night of the Telford Classic Show, but space got the better of me. As I get older, reunions become more important with every passing year. I’ve been to a South West Centre trials rider’s reunion, the Victory Trial reunion and now this ISDT rider’s reunion and without exception, they have been fantastic affairs and I’ve enjoyed every minute. It’s probably an age thing, but renewing friendships with riders that you once competed against, in a convivial and warm atmosphere, is really great and I commend these gatherings to everybody. They may not be something that gets you fired up at the moment, but trust me, there will come a time when they do. So remember these words when you next hear of a gathering that affects you. Take up the offer as you will surely enjoy yourself.