The Scottish 1990 – 2011

This new book, in full colour throughout, covers the history of the Scottish Six Days motorcycle trial from 1990 and includes the Centenary trial in 2011. It completes the existing histories “The Scottish 1900-1962” and “The Scottish 1963 -1989” both of which are still available.

With a brief summary of each year’s Trial, broken down into a day by day basis, the 120-page, A4 history of the trial unfolds as water-cooled bikes took over from aircooled motors, and twin-shocks finally gave way to single shock machines.


Read how the trial almost disappeared in the mid-1990s and how it was revived by changing back to “no-stop” rules. It is now more popular than ever.

With photographs from Eric Kitchen, Mike Rapley, Donald Young, Jack Knoops, to name but a few, – every photo is in full colour – you can be assured of some cracking shots of your favourite riders.

With top-twenty results from 1961 to 2011 and Centenary trial winner James Dabill providing the foreword to this limited-edition book ,it's a must-have for every SSDT fan. Only 125 of these very special books will be produced and each one will be individually numbered. They are sure to become a highly-sought collector’s item. Of the 125, some 15 are ear-marked for the contributors, so only 110 will actually go on sale. You can reserve ONE now by contacting the publisher, details below. Price is expected to be £21.95 each.

The book will be available during the last week in April, 2012 and at the Scottish Six Days Trial. Details to be confirmed. It is highly recommended that you reserve a book, NOW!

To reserve a copy, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also available from the same Publisher, “The Scottish 1900-1962”, “The Scottish 1963-1989”, “The Pre- 65 Scottish 1984-2009” (in full colour), and our best-selling “Four-Stroke Finale? The Honda Trials Story"


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