2012 Scottish Six Days Trial

Dougie Lampkin and GAS GAS have won the Scottish Six Days Trial! He won on a tiebreak decision with James Dabill. GAS GAS also won the prestigious Manufacturers Team Award with Dougie, Michael Brown and Alexz Wigg. We had 4 riders in the Top 5. Doug 1st, Michael 3rd, Dan Thorpe 4th and Alexz Wigg 5th.

This result makes me proud because it is the first GG win since year 2000 with Steve Colley. Dougies’ win now makes history because he is the only rider to win the event 6 times.

The Edinburgh and District Club once again organised a superb event and full marks to them especially for the re-route to Laggan on Tuesday after the fatal crash on the Spean Bridge road.

A massive thank you to Factory Kev, Luke and Andy Hipwell for their first class support service in the car park. Thanks to the GG Factory for supporting the event with their truck and staff.


1ST place….Dougie Lampkin
Dougie rode to win and rode with his 'blinkers on’ all week. 100% focused and determined to win after his retirement last year. He had a perfect start to the week with two 'clean’ days. The only blip was a stalled engine on the hardest Fersit section on Thursday. He was awesome under pressure on his early day Friday (respect to Dibs for going clean on Friday) and kept a slim one mark lead going into the last day.

Going into the last day Doug lead on 12, Dibs 13 and Michael 14 so it was a tense day. A dab on the top sub at Pipeline for Doug put him level with Dibs. Then we got to 'Achintee’ before Ben Nevis and the two sections were VERY hard. We knew Dibs had a one+clean so Doug simply had to do the same or better. Doug was superb here and went one+one which was awesome to watch. Dibs lead by one mark so onto Ben Nevis where we knew Dibs had gone clean so more pressure. Doug leveled Ben Nevis and was inch perfect. The last two sections at Nevis Forest are also quite hard and Dibs had a one so if Doug cleaned they were level. Doug did just that and rode to Town Hall Brae on a total of 15 marks, the same as Dibs. We then had a few hours to wait for the presentation. When John Moffat got to the top 3 we knew Michael was an easy 3rd and then when John said that second place goes to a Beta rider, we knew the win was Dougs! A big sigh of relief and a record 6th win for Dougie Lampkin on a GAS GAS

Doug was also debuting the new Raga Replica model so what a perfect result. Doug has helped a lot with the suspension since his arrival at GG and he works closely with Reiger. The suspension setup of the new Raga Replica is the best suspension on any production bike currently available with the 3 way adjuster Reiger rear shock and the new Tech forks.

3rd place --- Michael Brown
Michael was excellent all week and got to the 'Achintee’ sections only one mark behind Doug and Dibs. Michael fived the first sub and had a fighting 'two’ on the second one. He knew it was all over and he’d be third. Michael has been so close too many times at the Scottish and deserves a win which he will get one day. He rode perfectly all week and was a pleasure to watch, especially on Friday. He does however struggle to keep up on the moors. Next year mate

4th place --- Dan Thorpe
FANTASTIC result for Dan, this is the best result for Dan at the Scottish for many years. He kept the fives away and finished the week very strong just beating Team mate Alexz Wigg with a superb last day of 6. I didn’t see Dan all week but he must have been flowing. Good on ya Dan!

5th place --- Alexz Wigg
I saw Alex ride every section and he didn’t do much wrong all week. He had a few too many on Tuesday and a bad '3’ at Tramway on Saturday plus a five at 'Achintee’ shortly after which eventually pushed him to 5th.

10th place --- Sam Haslam
A good result from Sam but after his superb National form this year I expected better. Nevertheless a top 10 result is still a result to be proud of.

16th place --- Ricky Wiggins
Rickys best result at the Scottish and deserved his place in the GAS GAS B Team. He had a bad day Thursday which dropped him out of the Top 10.

19th place --- John Shirt
HAPPY! Thanks Jack for 'fun on Dirt bikes’

25th place --- Craig Robinson
A slight improvement on last years 28th but still can do better. I think he had a few time issues which didn’t help his overall result.

39th place --- Jack Lee
Jacks best result to date, maybe due to his level of fitness has improved dramatically since going to Enduro. Jack is great company at the Scottish I must thank him for keeping us entertained and helping the Team out as normal.

124th place --- Katy Sunter
Best result for Katy and finally a First Class award.

Thanks again to Kev, Luke and Andy.