MRS Sherco At The SSDT

mrs sport in articleFirstly we would like to say a very big welcome to all Sherco riders who have entered the SSDT.


The Scottish is a very expensive but fantastic experience and our aim at MRS is to make sure our riders have an enjoyable and trouble- free week. 


For the Sherco boss, Marc Teissier, the Scottish Six Days Trial is the absolute pinnacle of our sport and for this reason he sends the full factory truck every year, along with Cabestany’s top mechanic to ensure all the Sherco riders are given the care they deserve.  Having ridden the event himself for many years he well understands that a helping hand does not go amiss when you arrive back at the Parc Ferme completely ‘knackered.’


As well as the full back up of the Sherco factory all the MRS personnel are also on hand to help and advise whenever necessary.  Sherco finish each day off by providing food and drink which is always well received by the riders.


With regard to maintenance it is important to arrive with the bike very well prepared for six days of riding.  NO WORK takes place before the start of the event on Monday so please make sure you check the bike thoroughly before you leave, doing all the general maintenance necessary to last the week. If you are in any doubt please contact your local dealer who can assist you with any problems before you leave for the event.   The only added advise to normal is to fit a mudflap on the front mudguard to stop the radiator filling up .  If you have a back-up crew it is always important to brush the radiator whenever possible after riding across the moors to keep the engine running freely.


MOST IMPORTANT is to contact MRS to register your bike for the back up service before you leave for the trial.  You can do this by contacting us on 01423 772885. Any member of the MRS team can take the details. Once you have done this you will be able to take spares as and when you need them throughout the week.  No spares will be provided before all details have been logged ie: name, address, full card details and phone number.


Lastly, please make sure you have your bike fully insured and registered for the road.  MSM actually cover you in the event as well as fire, theft and third party.  They give very good rates and you can contact them via our website at  There were a lot of problems at the first British Championship Enduro at Elgin in Inverness-shire, Scotland with the police so we do urge you to make sure you are legal for the event.


It only remains for us to say that we look forward to meeting all Sherco riders in the Parc Ferme from Friday onwards and that you leave Fort William feeling like you have truly had a ‘Holiday in the Highlands.’


See you all there!!!