Call Out to SSDT Sherco Riders

Gary Macdonald At Trotters Burn Day 2 2013 Scottish Six Days TrialWith the Scottish Six Days Trial just over two months away now Sherco UK importers, Malcolm Rathmell Sport, would appreciate it if anyone who has changed to Sherco since originally entering could inform the organisers as soon as possible.  This did cause a problem last year because there were a lot more Sherco riders than expected and MRS want to be sure they are well prepared this year with back up and space for everyone to be able to work on their bikes.  As well as servicing Sherco always provide hospitality for all their riders so they can return to the Parc Ferme knowing there will be hot and cold food after a hard day's riding but they do need to know numbers to enable them to organise all of this with the caterers.  The hospitality is courtesy of the Sherco factory who do put the SSDT as a high priority on their yearly calendar.


Lastly, MRS would appreciate it if  all Sherco riders could ring them on 01423 772885  as soon as they have confirmed their entry to the club to register for the event.  They will need to supply rider number, address, card details and a contact phone number.  As usual they will have all spare parts, accessories and  Michelin tyres available throughout the week.  As well as the MRS personnel the Sherco factory will once again be sending Cabestany's mechanic over to help with the servicing. Trials UK will be selling all the main MRS products throughout the week and you can view all of these at  You can ring Trials UK beforehand if there are particular items you would like taking to the event