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Dsc 0140Day five of the Scottish Six Days Trial is traditionally largely road-based, with far fewer of the notorious moor crossings the competitors have to face on the other days of the Trial. For followers, it's a good day with no shortage of choice of sections to watch, all within easy reach of the road. Today it was an early start as we headed to Pipers Burn then on to Meall Nam Each and closed off the day at Rhuba Ruadh (Rhubarb Rhubarb) where the big red step has been the scene of many a spectacular crash. En route we also stopped in the small village of Acharacle where, every year, the local school children make banners and posters to wave as the riders pass through.


Rather than have seperate articles for photos, video and results, we'll now just update this main article with the various pieces as we get them. That will stop clutter and prevent stuff being pushed down too early. Be sure to check back for more!


Day five results are attached at the bottom of this article.


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Video is by John "Bigfoot" Hird and Matt Betts on behalf of the SSDT organisers.