Dougie Meets His Hero

Followers of Trials Central on social media will know that during this year's Scottish Six Days Trial, a new Trials celebrity was born. Beta UK employee, Richard "Milky" Midgeley was competing in his first ever Scottish and despite having quit smoking, trained hard and lost a load of weight in preparation for his Highland Challenge, there were still doubters who said he'd never finish. A Trials Central photo of Milky taking on the big step at the famous Rhuba Rhuadh section was very well received on our Facebook page with the age old British tradition of supporting the underdog kicking in and a star was born.


Unknown to Milky, we ran a couple of A3 sized prints of that photo, one for Richard and one for his proud parents and sent them to John Lampkin at Beta UK. John subsequently arranged to have them framed and for Dougie Lampkin to present Richard with his as both were top of the results sheet, depending on which way up you were holding it! Well done again Milky - see you next year?!


Richard 16 6 14 002