2016 SSDT Payment Deadline Approaches

ssdt logo in story 150w 120hAs 2016 moves swiftly along and that first week in May gets ever closer, there is now less than one week remaining for successful entrants to the 2016 Scottish Six Days Trial to make payment for their entries. Below is the list of riders who the Club know HAVE made payment as of Thursday 11th February. There are, unfortunately a few who have paid, but provided no reference with their payment so organisers have no way of knowing to which entrant the payment relates. If you paid BEFORE February 11th and are NOT on the following list then please contact the SSDT Secretary immediately.


If you were successful in the ballot and still want to ride, but have not yet made payment then that payment MUST be received absolutely no later than Friday 19th February. If payment is not received by this date then your ride will be reallocated to an entrant on the reserve list. If you were successful in the ballot, but no longer want to ride then please let the Secretary know so your ride can be reallocated.

2016 SSDT Payments Received As Of 11th February

Name   Name
Fred Adams   Gary Macdonald
Tom Affleck   Duncan Macdonald
Marcel Albos   Rhuaraidh Mackay
Robbie Allan   WO2 Vince Mackintosh
Albert Arana Puig   Matthew Maynard
Ian Austermuhle   Daryl Mccall
John   Battensby   Adam Mccanna
Jon Berlin   Jimmy Mccanna
Stefan Bernhart   Lee Mcgee
Alberto Bordoy Garrigos   Michael Mcniven
Fanus Boshoff   Richard Midgley
Michele Bosi   Peter Miltenburg
Matt Bown   James Moorhouse
Jess Bown   Davide Morando
Emma   Bristow   Kevin Mosey
Jan Brockmeyer   Gordon Murray
Paolo Broganelli   Chikao Namita
Andre Buchwalder   Andrew Nicholson
Chris Burgin   Adam Norris
Ben   Burgin   Franck Olivier
Lewis Byron   Hiroaki Onishi
Sam Cahill   Ramon Palau Forte
James Carr   Gareth Palmer
Carlos Casas   Patrick Palmer
John Charlton   Paul Paterson
Matthew Christopher   Robert Paterson
Bobby Clark   Nicholas Paxton
Danny Cockshott   Andrew Paxton
Becky Cook   Victoria Payne
Giorgio Corrieri   Gary Pears
Stuart Crayk   Lewis Peart
John Crinson   Noe Reinoso Serra
James   Dabill   Thomas Rushton
Ross Danby   Cpl Sam Sanderson
Klaus Deisinger   Martin Sandiford   
Jack Dignan   Joan Pere Santure
Stephen Dixon   Ernst Schweiger
Paul Dixon   Nigel Sharp
Corey Dubik   Simon Sharp
Carles Esteve   Sam Sharp
Christophe Fabre   Jack Sheppard
Guy Favre   Peter Leslie Simpson
Jack   Ferguson   Joe Spivey
Donna Fox   George Spivey
Michel Front   Jonny Starmer
James Fry   Leopold Steiner
Frederik Ganter   Jamie Stephenson
Mark Grant   Katy Sunter
Juergen Heinze   Mark Sunter
Dan Hemingway   Gareth Talbot
Ben Hemingway   Craig Talbot
Ssgt Darren Hesleton   Graham Tales
Thomas Hetze   Richard Timperley
David Hollands   Scott Turpin
Tom Hooper   Marc Viladomiu Canals
Joe Hutchinson   Xavi Vilaro Torrents
Duncan Hutchison   Colin Ward
Manel Jane   Travis Ward
Axel Jane   Ian Weatherill
Tim Junkleiwtz   Boyd Webster
Jan Junklewitz   Thomas J Weir
Barry Kinley   Robbie Weir
Osamu Kioka   Phil Wiffen
Yuriko Kobayashi   Brian Wojnarowski
Kanji Kono   Sam Yeadon
Paolo Lazzaroni   Toni Zink
Valentin Leiser