Illegal practicing puts SSDT at risk

ssdt logo in story 150w 120hUnfortunately it happens every year, and every year an appeal is made for people not to do this, but once again the SSDT Committee have been contacted by landowners regarding illegal riding in the Lochaber area in the run up to this year's event.


SSDT organisers have asked that those partaking in these illegal activities consider the impact that their actions could have on the future of the SSDT, the Scottish Pre-65 Trial and other local Trials in the area. It only takes one landowner to withdraw permission to use their land to potentially wipe out an entire day's route, or even multiple days.

The Club ask that before you take your bike out you make sure that you fully understand the permissions you require from both the relevant landowner and other environmental agencies. If there is any doubt whatsover then do not do it.

Edinburgh & District Motor Club reserve the right to withdraw the entry of any rider identified as riding illegally.