The Loss Of Andrew Dignan

Andrew Dignan, former Scottish Six Days Trial time control official and parc ferme coordinator unfortunately passed away on Thursday after a hard fought battle with long term ill health.


For anyone lucky enough to have ridden the SSDT in recent years, you will all be fully aware of Andrew’s smiling face sat in the back of his van come rain or shine, usually rain. The site of Andrew at the end of the day for many riders was crucially important, way before the wife/husband, kids or bar keeper as it signified the end of another days battle. For everyone else, he was the guy that stopped you from parking in the West End Car Park on parade Sunday. The last couple of years have seen the time control baton passed to Andrew’s “apprentice” and the skills and knowledge he has passed on, were implemented this year to the same high standards we have come to expect.


Being a father of 5 boys and living in the village of Roybridge, 12 miles north of Fort William, it was almost inevitable that 1 or more sons would end up riding trials. David, Kevin and Simon are all SSDT veterans as riders, back markers and assistant clerks of course. Andrew was delighted that several grandsons have also followed suit with Ben doing well at National and International Level and Jack competing in several SSDT’s, which we know was a particularly special moment for Andrew. As with many families within our sport, Trials gives us the ability to combine our love of family, friends and motorcycles.


Andrew's funeral will take place on Saturday 28th July at 12pm in Roybride, any and all donations will be sent to the Belford Hospital Ward One Endowment Fund.