2013 Spanish Championship

2012 spanish champ round1 ragaThe first round of the Spanish Outdoor Trial Championship was held this weekend in Ibiza with a good performance from Adam Raga. In the second position, the rider from Ulldecona has proven to be in great form by scoring only five points in the two laps. The opening round of the season was a face-off between Raga and Bou, who has won the race by finishing just two points ahead. In this first round, the differences between these two riders and the rest of the field were remarkable. Bou ended lap one with a score of "zero" while Raga yielded only two points in a very selective Trial as the Gas Gas team leader prefers.The second lap was equally intense with Raga pressing Bou who collected points in the third zone. Eventually the two candidates for victory have added only three points respectively, which has meant that in the end they have ended the Trial far ahead of Albert Cabestany (17p) and Jeroni Fajardo (18p) in the 12 zones of this demanding race.


2012 spanish champ round1 casalasA good debut for Jorge Casales with the Gas Gas factory team, riding within the program 'School of Champions'. The young rider from Vigo has entered the top 5, only behind the four favorites. Casales has finished with 25 points on the board, being very consistent in all zones. The sixth place was classified as Pere Borrelles and Gas Gas has confirmed as the brand with the best representation in the Ibiza trial: Three of the top six are from the brand from Girona.




"I am very happy with this result because I think we have had the option for victory at any time. It has been a shame not to have done it at the end. Toni (Bou) had a slip and I thought, but in the end he made it past the end of the zone.We've been close! The important thing is that the team has worked very well, the bike worked perfectly and we are on the right track. "




"I did not expect to be so far forward, because both Moret and Borrelles  were going as strong as before. Everything worked perfectly and I had only a couple of glitches Fajardo got away from me at the end. I think it's a good start and although the first four are still far ahead, I think sometime later I can be fighting with them"