Gas Gas Launch New Trial Bikes In Barcelona

Gas Gas has taken the opportunity of the ‘Motoh! Barcelona’ motorcycle show to present three new bikes in its Trial range - the new TXT 80 Racing, TXT Trial School and the Trial Contact Electric Start.




This new trial bike from Gas Gas is a small-scale re-creation of a full-sized champion. This machine has the same TXT genes that have written great chapters in the story of trial and now form part of the most recent addition, the smallest member of the Gas Gas family, the new TXT 80 Racing. This little bike has inherited the best from its older brothers and is adapted to trial’s promising young riders for tomorrow and keeps the competitive edge of the TXT initials that form its competitive nature.


The new TXT 80 Racing is a child’s bike that not only shares the frame as its big cylindered brothers but also its looks and decoration. It also has elements such as the exhaust and silencer of a bike that has adapted its size to the height and weight of the smallest rider, taking into account both comfort and ergonomics when ridden and taking command of the situation.


The new TXT 80 Racing has also taken on board various changes, such as the incorporation of foot-pegs positioned further forward and slightly higher so children can have a better posture on the bike and reach the handlebar and the brake and clutch levers more easily, giving a better sense of safety and control.


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These new characteristics are added to the adaptation of the swing-arm, which has been shortened together with the wheels that have been made smaller with 19” on the front and 17” on the back. This bike also takes the lower weight of its rider into account and so has new front forks and a rear monoshock specifically designed for this model allowing for the lower weight.


The new TXT 80 Racing also boasts a new engine in its 2018 version. This engine is based on the professional trial unit sharing the maximum number of components  and presents the rider with a new piston, crank-shaft, primary drive sprocket and nut, Hidria magnetic flywheel, –with the possibility of adding an inertial flywheel-, Spal fan and DellOrto carburettor in accordance tot the engine capacity. A long list of new features giving an overview of the complete bike thanks to the endless quality details of the new Gas Gas TXT 80 Racing, a bike which has adapted its light touch gear change and its new exhaust outlet to the needs of the new engine. Likewise its secondary transmission has a fully covered half-inch chain to comply with the stringent FIM trial competition regulations.






  • Frame identical to larger engine capacities, provides the quality and reliability of a frame tested in extreme conditions
  • Foot-pegs placed further forward and higher up to improve rider ergonomics
  • 33Ø Front forks
  • Smaller swing-arm
  • Specially made spring for this version, taking into account rider weight
  • 19” front and 17” back wheels
  • TXT looks and decoration
  • Electrical installation prepared for the incorporation of front and rear lights
  • Smaller clutch cylinder
  • Specific front brake, with smaller cylinder and lever to make it easier for young riders
  • 19” front and 17” rear spoke wheels
  • 175 mm front brake disc and 150 mm rear
  • 60z covered sprocket in compliance with FIM competition regulations
  • Secondary transmission adapted to the needs of the engine with a ½” chain



  • Cylinder head
  • Cylinder 79,14 cc with exhaust outlet fittings and new logo
  • Piston: diameter 43 x travel 54,4 adapted to trial
  • Crankshaft
  • Primary drive sprocket and nut
  • Dell’Orto PHBG 21 DS carburettor, especially for 80cc engine
  • Exhaust outlet specially designed for this engine capacity
  • High quality link pipe and silencer, identical to larger capacity TXTs
  • New SPAL fan with more robust mounting, allows more space over the cylinder head and better cooling
  • Hidria magnetic flywheel (with the possibility of adding inertial)
  • Water pump
  • Ignition cover
  • Ultra-light gear change, adapted to the new engine size



Without losing that Gas Gas Trial and off-road character, the new Trial School is adapted to a level less demanding than that of the professionals. This is for riders who are more interested in a leisure sports activity or riding as a hobby and are looking for pure fun in a day of Trial. To do this Gas Gas have simplified some components, such as the suspension, which are elements that are overlooked by riders who are not as expert in the question of adjustments and fine-tuning.


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How has this been achieved? Firstly, with suspension adjustments and engine mapping pre-set for a mid-level rider and so avoiding the common pitfalls of attempting to adjust settings in the hands of the non-expert.


Secondly, by offering only one size of engine: a 125 cc two-stroke. An engine size that helps a rider get on well with the bike without unpleasant surprises for any riders regardless of ability.


And last but not least, geometry and balance with regard to mass distribution. Both the front forks as well as the rear suspension of this model are slightly heavier than the rest of the series allowing better handling and traction in the new Gas Gas Trial School on all sorts of terrain.





  • One engine map only
  • Ollé front fork (non-adjustable)
  • Ollé rear shock absorber (adjustable pre-load)
  • Long curved exhaust (satin finish chromed steel)
  • Anodised rims with zinced spokes
  • Mitas tyres, tubeless rear tyre
  • Hidria ignition
  • Braktec brakes
  • NG brake discs



The new Gas Gas Trial Contact with electric start is the ideal bike for enthusiasts of excursions and trial. The secret of enjoying a great day out in the mountains often lies in those stress-free moments, with a versatile bike capable of offering different functions. This is the best way to get the most out of your weekend excursions.


Over time, wild spirits have a tendency to become mellower. Comfort becomes more important than full-on sporting aggression and this is the philosophy behind the manufacture of the new Gas Gas Trial Contact. This model, with electric start, makes riding easy with its progressive, flexible 250 cc engine; a single cylinder two-stroke, liquid cooled, with a new chromed steel exhaust collector and a new DellOrto 26 carburettor and Hydria ignition system with a single map.


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Simplicity is the key to success and for this reason the new Trial Contact counts with pre-adjusted front forks as standard and a rear shock absorber with pre-load and progressive link swing arm to smooth the way for riders aiming for just the right settings to get 100% out of their mountain rides.


A new 3.5 litre tank has been fitted, with a larger capacity than the trial bikes, also a padded seat as standard, hiding a new battery underneath are just some of the new features on this model showing great stability and traction thanks in part due to a slight increase in weight but also because of the new Mitas tyres.


New components add to the great quality: New Braktec clutch and brake pistons, NG brake discs (front and back) and switchgear (including lights, starter, indicators and OBD).




Electric start

Comfortable seat with fitting mechanism (lithium battery situated inside)

3,5 litre tank with greater fuel capacity

Hydria ignition system with a single map

Satin chromed steel exhaust collector and stainless steel exhaust silencer

DellOrto 26 carburettor – reed valve inlet

Ollé front forks (non-adjustable - factory settings)

Ollé rear shock adjustable spring pre-load (1 ring adjustment)

Swing arm with progressive wishbone system

Switchgear, including lights, starter, indicators and OBD

Stop switch

Braktec brake and clutch pistons

Braktec brake callipers

NG brake discs

Naturally anodised wheels (front 1.6x21 y rear 2.15x18)

Mitas Trial tyres (front 2.75x21 y rear 4.00x18)