2021 Beta Evo Models

 DSC4605 1Following a path of continuous improvement and fine-tuning, the 2021 Beta Evo has been updated with various modifications aiming to even better performance and easier use. Although competitions had been postponed due to the Covid-19 emergency, Betamotor technicians managed to keep the development activity going, working along with the factory pilots James Dabill, Benoit Bincaz, Matteo Grattarola, and Luca Petrella.

The 2-stroke version is available in four displacements: 125, 250, 300 e 300 SS. “SS” stands for “Super Smooth”. This means that thanks to additional weight on the flywheel for increased inertia and other small measures, this version is more manageable at medium-low revs if compared to the Standard version – still maintaining the racing nature at higher revs, just like her Standard sister. This makes the SS extremely easy and entertaining to ride.

The 4-stroke version comes in the usual 300cc displacement, which enables to impeccably combine performance and manageability.


With a completely renewed look, the EVO My 2021 looks more modern and aggressive. Breaking down the technical improvements, they have affected in particular the suspensions setting, both in the front fork and in the shock absorbers. For the fork, the enhanced hydraulic calibration provides a more progressive approach when facing major obstacles, along with a better absorption capacity of small bumps. Also the shock absorber hydraulic has been revised, especially to guarantee a better balancing and a pitching reduction, especially when encountering a series of small bumps.


Carburation has been revised on all 2- and 4-stroke versions, including the 300 SS, ensuring a better rideability at all conditions. Consequently, the ignition mapping has also been improved, resulting in more linear and foreseeable reactions of the engine.


By the end of September. Pricing remains unchanged.