Chocks Away

Before jetting off to Australia and Japan for the next two rounds of the 2012 FIM Trial World Championship, Red Bull athlete Dougie Lampkin recently took to the skies under his own control as a student of Goodwood Flying School.

The twelve-times FIM Trial World Champion and Gas Gas trial team manager has always dreamed of completing his private pilot's license (PPL), and thanks to Goodwood's 'Go-Solo' flying course he is now on the path to fulfilling his ambition.

The Go-Solo course has recently been launched by the long-established Goodwood Flying School and follows the structure of the PPL course; beginning with teaching basic aircraft controls both on the ground in a special flight simulator, and in flight as well. Dougie will continue his flying lessons throughout this summer as he works towards his ultimate goal of achieving his first solo flight.


Goodwood's Aviation General Manager, Rob Wildeboer says: "We wanted to illustrate just how accessible flying can be; fifteen hours or less and you can go solo, a significant step towards achieving a PPL."

Lampkin, who will once again appear at the Goodwood Festival Speed this summer, is one of three of GAS (Goodwood Action Sports) ambassadors who have signed up to complete the Go-Solo challenge over the coming months.

"Having recently announced my retirement from the FIM Trial World Championship, it is a great moment for a new challenge. I have always wanted to learn to fly, but it was always difficult to find time in and amongst my competition schedule. So I can't thank Goodwood enough for giving me this opportunity," says Lampkin.

"I always thought I was going to enjoy the experience of my first flying lesson, but it was even better than I ever imagined. It was simply amazing, and I don't get excited by too many things nowadays. Â Having the chance to take hold of the controls was awesome, and something I can't wait to do again. I could carry on talking about it for hours, but I think I can sum the whole thing up by saying that I absolutely loved it and can't wait for my next lesson."


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