Ben Morphett Back In The Saddle

ben morph southern experts 2014Ben Morphett (JSTGGUK) is now back in action after nearly a year out of the sport….Ben has just had a new 2015 PRO300RACING and was back riding at Sundays Southern Experts Trial.


Looking back on the past year... "It's been a tough and frustrating year for me, I suffered a back injury in January consisting of one bulging disc and one torn disc in my lumbar spine which has put me out of riding for over 11 months. I tried everything to be fit for the SSDT but a short 20 minute ride with a tens machine strapped to my back up my local woods confirmed it was a no go. After this we decided to sell the bike so the temptation wasn't there to go out on it until my back was well enough. One form of pain relief come from my local osteopath and after speaking to him about the profession I grew a big interest for it and I'm now studying for a masters degree in the subject at the British School of Osteopathy in London which is going well for me.


Finally over 11 months later I am now back on a bike. After two short practise outings to make sure riding wasn't causing my back any problems, the southern experts was the first real test for it. It was a tough day for me, in places I felt really good but there was no hiding how rusty I've got and how much I was struggling with bike fitness resulting in many 5's, also being very aware and cautious of physically lifting the bike when slogging for a 3. I know on paper my result was pretty appalling but I got exactly what I needed from the event and am now feeling a lot more positive in understanding how hard and the different ways I can push myself in training now. I look forward to getting back up to speed with my riding and fitness ready for next year. I loved every second of the day being back in competition with everyone and thanks to hook woods mcc and the Connor family for organising a spot on event!


In 2015 my aims are to compete in as many nationals and British Championship events as possible around my uni work and also more local South East events.


Thanks to everyone who has helped me throughout this year, Folkestone mcc with a fundraising event to help me with my trials, this year the money has been put towards treatments for my back which has been a great help! Inta motorcycles, mum + dad and the rest of my family, and a big thanks to Shirty and GGUK for their continued support going into next year!"