RRND MC July Club Trial

reigate north downsSunday 28th July the Club trial was at our Beare Gill venue. On a hot day it is a perfect place to ride, with a small stream running under a thick canopy of trees to keep the heat of the sun at bay.


The trial route generally went down stream for all 8 sections. All the sections were laid out extra long to give the yellow riders plenty of space to ride. The red, blue and white sections were all quite easy but as the sections were longer than normal there were extra chances to lose marks.


On the expert route Scott Dark beat Stuart Read for the first time with an impressive 13 to Stuart's 29. Simon Mepham won the inter (blue/white) route on only 7 marks lost. The blue route was won by Mike Husband who did bravely try the inter route for one lap but found the whites just too hard, so had to drop to blues and finished on 22. Second place on the blue route was Steve Armistead on a pre 67 bike scoring a tidy 30. 3rd was our own Anthony Read on a score of 33, this included an impressive trip over the handlebars on section 1!


Red route had a battle of the young and up and coming riders, with Hannah Moore winning on 5 being challenged by Grace Dark on 11 and Ben Edwards on 15. Mike Hammond won the yellows on a score of 10, so he will be on reds soon!


Everyone had a great days riding a well laid out Club trial on a nice sunny day. Thanks to Alan Stanley, Mike Blackman and Mike Hammond for setting out an interesting and varied trial, and Carol Dark for signing on.


Peter Jenkins