RRND MC September Club Trial

reigate north downsThe laying out team put out 5 different routes for our Club members to ride. The idea was to not put anything too difficult or daunting in but to let the natural terrain take marks off people.


The stream was unusually dry for Faygate. The first 3 sections were in that area and took the most marks on the day. Chris Dark made section 1 look easy but the other riders on blue had all sorts of difficulties. Section 2 slowly got harder as the day went on as the water was dragged up the far slope making it almost impossible by the last lap. Section 3 stayed dry all day so the scores slowly came down through the trial. The last 5 sections made use of the many steep banks and took marks off anyone that lost balance at the wrong moment. Excellent ride by Scott Dark on expert route. His dad Chris won the inters route. Blue route was won by Tom Horsburgh with Rob McKenzie second. Red route had James Dark on top with Mark Stubberfield second on his "new" Honda twin shock. Mike Hammond took top slot on yellow with Rachel Measures only a few marks behind.


Overall a great trial with all the scores between 24 and 100. Thanks to Alan Stanley, Pete Jenkins, Dave Cutler, Trevor Howell and Mike Hammond for turning out early to lay out a most enjoyable trial.