Oxford Ixion Trial round four

oxford ixion mccReport Ken O'Brien


Ten sections were plotted to be ridden four times with varying terrain consisting of mainly steep climbs muddy slots and natural spring water courses.

This event also included the penultimate round of the club championship.

It was a hard call before the off in the Expert class with several riders in with a shout but Guy Kenyon-Bell 250 Gas Gas took the win on thirty four marks lost three ahead of similar mounted Darren Wheeler.

Guy had a brilliant clean at Jim Axfords section six this hazard started with a tricky slick to say the least turn before lining up to attack a three foot awkwardly growing bough with minimum grip available at the crucial take off point.

At one point a kicker was trying to be shuffled into place but Jim's faithful dog sniffed these villains out and they soon legged it.

Victoria Payne 125 Sherco who migrated over from the Bristol area for a days trialing had some really good rides and came away as top Youth A rider.

At section ten Victoria was good with this by far the longest section of the day starting though a boggy slot then two very steep sandy climbs before a sharp uphill camber high on the hill.

On the standard white course Ali Haigh 250 beta was in his element blasting around the course in record time losing a miserly thirteen marks with Adrian Steele taking second spot although both riders had to take a steadying dab at sub three on their second visit.

Looking a fairly straight forward affair it was far from that as a stream crossing got tougher as the day went on with water being drawn up the section.

Best Novice Mark Kenyon-Bell put some tidy rides in with section five a particular favourite, a deep muddy gully to cross a slick blast over a stream then an equally slippery climb out over roots.


The blue easier option course was a tad harder than usual with a lot of water about after a week of rain but this didn't bother Tim Davies as he piloted the Repsol Mont around for a nineteen mark loss.

Tim the only rider to master section six at every visit a straight muddy job to start then a right handed uphill climb forth gear selected and hang on to the ends.
The ten observers had a great day soaking up the sun with an occasional splattering of mud.


Expert Guy Kenyon-Bell Gasser 34
Darren Wheeler Gasser 37
Ian Watts Ossa 63

Youth C Victoria Payne Sherco 89

Standard Route

Clubman Ali Haigh Beta 13
Adrian Steele Beta 22
Phil Ducker Gasser 27
Gordon Pusey 315 R 49

Pre 65 Alan Taylor Triumph Cub 35

Novice Mark Kenyon-Bell Sherco 45

Blue eased route

Tim Davies Repsol 19
Ron Walters Beta 32
Kevin McCullagh Beta 35 most ones
Rob Lewis Sherco 35
Steve McHugh Mont 4RT 47
Craig Hargreaves Mont 4RT 48

Youth C Brett Harbud 125 Gasser 44