Ixion Christmas Trial

oxford ixion mccReport Ken O'Brien


A fine gathering of riders quietly waited in anticipation for the start of Ixions first round of the 2015 club championship.


Much rain on the preceding days meant for a shortened course as waterlogged areas of the farm were a no no even for the mud meister himself.

The sun was low in the sky the temperature never rose above zero and to these elements add four laps of ten sections with slick cambers and turns the scene was set.


Expert class winner Ian Watts 260 Ossa totaled 19 marks and ran out an easy winner posting the best score of 2 dabs at section five a one route only affair 100 yard fourth gear uphill muddy blast.

Steve Clarke 250 Gas Gas over from the Vale of Evesham ran out a clear winner in the Clubman class riding the fractionally easier White route.

 Steve was consistent at sub eight where he went clean although this was tricky dropping to a steep left hand uphill sandy camber before two fallen trees were the the final hazards to conquer.

Evergreen Alan Taylor 199cc Triumph Tiger Cub was second best on this route to take best Pre 65 amazingly section four took marks from every machine except the little Cub coping with the deep muddied ditch and climb out with ease.


Best Novice was Mark Wallington 300 Gas Gas who certainly set fastest time and was loaded up and gone in a flash.

Hoffman Engineering supremo Steve Chandler 250 Honda was best Twinshock today with a rock-steady ride at section two a twisting drop to the edge of the marsh before climbing to the ends cards a prod every visit was all he needed.


Local Motorcycle GP rider Bradley Smith was out for taste of Trials for the first time with his mate Graig Polden and between them well they certainly looked to be enjoying themselves.

The Blue eased course is always very popular at Oxford and today was no exception with local builder Craig Hargreaves 250 Montesa showing the rest of the field a clean pair of heels.

After a solitary dab first lap Graig wasn't troubled again at section seven rising from low in the Clumps a steady throttle was required then after a tight right hander the 4RT four stroke grunt at speed cleared the stricken bough with ease.


George Clarke Youth C was on the limit at most sections but the little Beta 80 earned him the C class win.


Brian Taylor Yamaha 250 was best Twinshock.

Although 'Jakes' section one was the bug-bear for many riders the Yam gripped up the slick grassy banks and cambers no problem.


Many thanks to all the observers who braved the sunny but bitterly cold weather.