Yorkshire Classic MCC Championship Round 5

yorkshire classic mccOn a fine day in the hills above Skipton, the rocky outcrops took marks from everyone except John Maxfield , closely followed by Tony Calvert on 1 and Steve Thomas on 7. On the eased Clubman course, Malcolm Cocking also cleaned up in the pre unit class but again Paul Jackson on his new Velo and Gary Mitchell were close challengers , each on 3.


A steady opener  was  followed by the most difficult section of the day for all classes, a cambered start followed by a tight left and right over a big rock step and drop down and up through a rock gulley with only the top three riders clean. On the eased clubman route, riders had to climb through a narrow slot between 2 large rocks with enough speed to get over rocks as you came out. Only Richard Bainbridge and Malcolm Cocking were clean with Clubman winner, Steve Cordon out for the first time on his immaculate new rigid James, losing his only mark.


On the championship course, section 6 proved difficult particularly for Tony Calvert who lost his only mark here. A muddy start followed by a tight turn up and over a rock step and up a muddy gulley to finish. Taking marks from all but John Maxfield, only Keith Hobson could emulate Tony on 1 mark.


For the Clubmen, sections 3 and 5 proved  difficult. The first an uphill climb and turn between 2 rocks, downhill and tight turn up loose soil bank  with only clubman winners and Dave Wear clean. The second a tight right in and up, trying to avoid  a large rock, followed by a left turn and up rock strewn path caught everyone except  Steve Cordon and the pre unit winners.


Thanks to Landowners, Observers,  C of C’s, John Maxfield, Andrew Dean and Dave Wear, Barry for results and photos  and all riders for an enjoyable day.


Report by Ian Livingstone




Championship Route


Class A-Pre unit Springer.    

1st John Feather Ariel – 45

2nd Dale Harrison – 46                                       


Class D-Cubs.                      

1st John Maxfield – 0

2nd Tony Calvert – 1

3rd Andrew Sharp – 25                                  


Class E-Unit over 250.      

1st Paul Wilson BSA – 40                                                                                         


Class F-2 Stroke.             

1st Steve Thomas Bantam – 7

2nd Terry Raw James – 13

3rd Andrew Dean – 33      


Class G-Twins.                  

1st Bill Harrison Triumph – 32

2nd J Wilkinson – 77                                                 


Class S-Specials              

1st Keith Hobson Cub – 21

2nd Ian Roper Cub - 58


Eased Clubman Route


Class B-Pre unit Rigid.                                  

1st Tim Pawson Norton – 40

2nd Vince Price AJS – 94                                        


Class H-Vintage 2-strokes.                            

1st Eric Atkinson James – 30                                                                            


Class J-Pre unit Rigid/springer under 347.

1st Chris Bacon C10 – 15                                                       


Class K-Open Clubmen.                                 

1st Steve Cordon James – 1

2nd K Rivington Villiers – 4                                                                                                                            

3rd Maurice Brayford DOT – 6                                                                                                                         


Class T- Pre unit Clubmen.                            

1st Malcolm Cocking Tri – 0

2nd Paul Jackson Velo – 3                                                 

3rd Gary Mitchell Ariel - 3