Bewdley MCC - Boxing Day Trial

Bewdley MCC held their annual boxing day trial at Westhead Park - Wolverley nr Kidderminster. With 70 riders all keen and raring to go the sun shone brightly on the venue which was a sea of spectator all out for a mornings walk and entertainment.One of the comments made by a spectator ‘What a great atmosphere and variation in ages and machines providing a great way to spend the day.


Most riders making it their one and only event throughout the year, Shaun Fox riding his dads Beta rode the A route for the lose of a single dab, Chris Tett was in competition with his siblings but kept his cool and finished 2nd followed closely in 3rd place by Mike Teague also in close competition with his Bro.


Aspen Hopkins had a great day on the 50/50 route also dropping a single dab with veterans Andy Richardson and Craig Parkes in 2nd and 3rd.


The Clubman route known to most as the B route saw Paul Hadlington take top honours and with a tie for 2nd, Les Powderhill and John Davies were seperated by most cleans.


Dave Jones on his triumph twin rode clean to top the C route followed by ex Honda man Mervyn Smith on his RTL. the rest of the field was made up with the youth’s on a mixture of electic and 2T machines and Charles Millington finished 3rd.


A BIG THANKS to all the observers, the landowner, the butty van and everyone who supported the event and also to Kev, Chris, Pete, Keith, Jim and Phil for marking out the event and signing on.


We wish everyone a Happy New Year.


Jim Teague