British Women & Girls Championship Rd 6

With four Championships still to be decided at the final round of the 2018 Acklams Beta British Women's & Girls Trials Championship, the Ladies Championship route riders were first away at the final round hosted by Chelmsford & District AC, heading to the infamous Bridge Section where Emma Bristow began her assault with three clean rides. Bethanie Dunning and Chloe Baker on the 50/50 rote both struggled with the last but one concrete step, which soon became mud covered and slimy. Life wasn’t much easier for the Intermediate Girls A riders, but Sarah Bell already crowned champion was the only rider not to be given a five.

Over in Woburn wood, section 2 consisted of exposed tree roots, stopping all but Jess Bown of the top class on lap one. The concrete steps of sections 3, 4 and 6 draw the large crowd’s attention as once again Emma Bristow dominated with three clear scores on the forbidding concrete bolder steps. In the Ladies Intermediate Class it was a close battle for Championship honours between Jazz Hammond and Catherine Alford; coming into the trial separated by four marks. It was to be Jazz that triumphed on the day but the heavy going took its toll on all on the Yellow Route. Special mention must go to Summer Peters; her first time on the middle route aboard her Beta 80. Her determination to keep going and her smiling face as unfortunately she picked up another five warmed the hearts of the wind bitten spectators. Over in the main Trial Park area it was the aptly named “ Tombstone “ section which caused the most trouble for the top Ladies; with Emma dropping nine with Jess the only rider to take a clean.

On the White route, Girls C riders Florence Baldock and Gemma Kerruish all the way from the Isle of Man; saw very high scores with the slimy terrain making life hard on the 80 Beta and Oset bikes. The enthusiastic crowd cheered the girls on alongside Matilda Arbon in Class D Girls again Beta mounted.

Come the end of the five hour challenge; it was Emma Bristow who showed again why she is five times world champion beating Jess Bown into second place, with Vertigo mounted Hannah Styles coming in third. Ladies 50/50 Bethanie Dunning winner topped Chloe Baker by 11 marks.

Sarah Bell proved her worth beating Libby Martinez and Molly Mayhew on the Girls A Intermediate route. Kaytlyn Adshead, Daisy Parsons and Elizabeth Tett all astride Betas had a close fought battle for the top three positions in the Girls B Class.

Sherco rider Jazz Hammond topped out the Ladies Intermediates from Catherine Alford and Charlotte Kimber.

Florence Baldock and Gemma Kerruish on the Girls C route finished first and second with Matilda Arbon and Jennifer Crabtree the only finishers on the Girls D and non championship Ladies Sportsperson routes.

It could be claimed that the weather was the winner, but the smiling faces of the triumphant trios atop the podium spaying champagne proved that the spirit of Ladies and Girls trial riders was indeed the victor.

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