West Leeds Novice & Beginners Trial

west leeds motor clubIt was decided at the West Leeds AGM of last week to have a different flavour to the normal club championship and run a series of Novice & Beginners trials instead. The first one of these is to be on the 16th March 13:00 start time, same time and day as the previous club trials, but that is where the similarity ends.

There will be three routes, a main route, a 50/50 route and a beginners route catering for any class of novice rider and youth.

Upon entering you can choose to ride any route based on your ability and on whichever bike you have brought along.

The sections will be laid out to suit all novice riders on modern bikes, pre 65's twin shocks and youth riders A,B and C class.

The trial will be run under an open permit and therefore open to all registered members of the ACU.

Entry fee to be £15 for adults and £10 for youth.

The winner from each route will be entitled to a free entry for their next ride in this series.