ACU Trail Bike Championship Round 2

West Glos. and Dean Forest MCC’s popular Wyegate Trial on 28th April, which is Round 2 of the ACU’s National Trail Bike Championship is breaking new ground for the championship both with introducing a fairer entry system as seen with some major Enduros and Trials that also fill up ridiculously fast. And, with an introduction of time and route checks to keep riders moving, the event will test all the skills required in an LDT, not just Observation, but Reliability and Navigation too.

Entries will open this weekend (Sat 9 March) for all to provisionally enter online then, 2 weeks later, successful riders will have their entries accepted. Priority will go to championship route riders first then Standard Route riders. After the 2 weeks, entries will be first-come-first-served up to the 120 maximum. Reserve entries will then be taken and will be contacted as spaces arise.

Starting order will be decided by ballot to help ensure every rider has to cope with navigation rather than the usual riders depending on the friend who can…

More info can be found on the club’s website including Entry Links and a Frequently Asked Questions section with example road books.

Entries will only be available using the ACU’s online system so get registered if not already.