California Dreaming!

Huddersfield Falcons will be running their 3rd. Club Championship Trial on Sunday March 17th. at a new venue.

Well, not exactly!  California Quarries runs along Crosland Edge for half-a-mile overlooking the lower reaches of the Colne Valley. Last worked up to the War, the Club had discovered and had obtained permission to use this attractive venue early in its existence but, due to increasing numbers of competitors and larger transport vehicles causing a real problem with disruption to local traffic and Residents, it was reluctantly decided to discontinue events there some 15 years ago.

Now, with the cooperative assistance of current landowner, Mr. Derek Day, a paddock used as a horse field along the top of the edge has been made available to give almost unlimited parking, access to which was created after investigations in to the history of the site showed the existence of an early quarry cart track. Delving around in the undergrowth found the remains of a stone clad route, and working parties to clear the accumulated vegetable matter, and half-a-day with a Club member's JCB, re-created the road. Access was safeguarded with steel posts and a gate fabricated by another Club member.

An initial approach was made to to the ACU who had intimated that there was money available for the development of new venues, but the time scale and limitations attached to this funding made the Club decide to just get stuck in and do it themselves!

Work is ongoing at present to clear the encroached heather and gorse, and trim back trees in a sympathetic way to expose original routes, two days of which has basically created a 10 section course, with ongoing work planned throughout the Spring to maximise the great potential of the site.

Full details of location and directions, plus Regs. are advertised on the Trials Central Calendar, but can also be accessed via the Club Website